5 Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Invisalign

5 Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Invisalign


A straighter smile is one of the best presents you could ever give yourself. The benefits of Invisalign go much deeper than just appearances. With the help of our Invisalign dentist in downtown San Diego, you can enjoy improved oral health for years to come. If you’re considering taking the first steps in improving your tooth alignment, here are five Invisalign advantages you’ll want to consider:

#1 Reduced Risk of Tooth Decay

Statistically speaking, straighter teeth are far less likely to get cavities than teeth that are crooked or crowded. When your teeth line up properly, they’re easier to clean each day. Brushing across crowded and crooked teeth typically leaves thick layers of plaque behind because the bristles skip right over those areas.

Bringing your teeth into a healthier alignment reduces your cavity risk, even if you’ve experienced tooth decay in the past. And as an added bonus, Invisalign makes it easier to keep your smile clean during treatment: just remove your trays to brush and floss.

#2 Improved Gum Health

Along the same lines of tooth decay is the link between periodontal disease and crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth tend to harbor bacterial colonies between them. And since it’s already challenging to clean between teeth—and under gumlines—when your teeth are straight, having areas of crowding makes the issue even worse.

Studies suggest that investing in orthodontic therapies like Invisalign can be an essential part of treating and managing periodontal (gum) disease. If you happen to have areas of gum pocketing, heavy buildup, or gums that bleed easily, Invisalign could help you turn your oral health around for good.

#3 Healthier Wear Patterns

Any time your teeth are misaligned, they create heavy pressure points on certain areas throughout your mouth. And even though tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, irregular tooth-on-tooth wear can cause teeth to break down or flatten over time. Not to mention the broken dental work that comes along with it.

Invisalign straightens your teeth so that your biting relationship (occlusion) is properly lined up. This pattern prolongs the health and overall structure of your teeth, protecting tooth enamel before it wears away. If you already see flat or worn edges on your teeth, it’s not too late to go ahead and do something about it before they get any worse.

#4 Lower Risk of TMJ Disorder

When your teeth bite together properly, your jaw performs the way it’s supposed to whenever you chew your food. On the other hand, misaligned teeth mean you’ll have to move your jaw in atypical directions just to break down your meal for digestion. With Invisalign you can optimize your chewing performance and then reduce the strain to your TMJ. In the grand scheme of things, this seemingly minor change can lower your chances of jaw joint (TMJ) disorders, migraine headaches, and more.

#5 Boost in Your Self Confidence

There’s something to be said about feeling confident in your smile. With healthy, straight teeth, you can boost your self-esteem and feel great about how you look. People with more attractive smiles tend to share them more often and are generally perceived as friendlier to be around. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that it impacts your relationships with other people. Whether it’s professionally or on a more private, personal level. Our Invisalign dentist in downtown San Diego can help you map out a plan that straightens your teeth efficiently with limited trips to our office.

Invisalign in Downtown San Diego

Is Invisalign right for you? Contact Fifth Avenue Dental Arts today to reserve a no-obligation consultation. We’ll assess your bite, discuss your concerns, and even provide you with an estimated timeline of what your proposed treatment will entail. You’ll know what to expect before committing to anything. If you’re ready to get started you could be in your new aligner system before the New Year gets here!

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