5 Ways a Same-Day Crown Is Different From a Lab-Created Crown

Dental Crown in San Diego

Traditional dental crowns are lab-made restorations that usually require two appointments and two weeks from start to finish. Fortunately, the availability and cost of same-day crowns has made treatment more efficient for our San Diego patients. At Fifth Avenue Dental Arts, we’re proud to provide same-day crowns near me. These restorations use 3D CAD/CAM imaging, similar to what you may have seen with 3D printing machines. Except, in this case, the crown is carved instead of printed. If you’re still not certain about the differences, here are five basic benefits you gain from same-day crowns vs. lab-created crowns:

1. The Crown is Made and Installed on the Same Day

A traditional dental crown requires two phases of treatment: the preparation appointment and the final installation of the permanent crown a couple of weeks later. In the meantime, you wear a temporary crown while the other one is being crafted at the lab. Same-day dental crowns are designed, created, and installed during the same appointment. There’s no need to come back later or to wear a temporary cap. The results are both efficient and permanent. Because they’re same-day procedures, you can even arrange to request sedation and catch up on any other dental work that you need while the crown is being milled. 

2. Your Same-Day Crown is Made Out of Solid Ceramic

A lot of people want their crown to be made completely out of ceramic or porcelain materials. That way if anything accidentally chips or wears down, there are no visible metal surfaces under the outer layer of porcelain. Lab-made crowns sometimes use a porcelain-fused-to-metal process or are made out of gold, depending on which tooth is being treated. They can also be made out of porcelains. All same-day dental crowns are carved out of a solid block of ceramic, so there are no visible metals involved in the fabrication process. Once it’s placed on top of your tooth, the only thing you’ll see is a matching restoration. The ceramic that we use to make same-day crowns comes in a variety of colors. Our San Diego cosmetic dentists will select the shade that best blends in with your natural smile.

3. Same Day Crowns are Digitally Designed

Digital imaging removes the risk of human error during crown creation. There are no molds to pour, models that can break, or warped materials to worry about during transportation between the dental office and lab. Instead, the virtual tooth scan is converted into an accurate digital model in the computer software. From there, the milling equipment carves the precisely fitting restoration. No “by hand” manipulation of the restoration is required, ensuring a great seal from the moment your crown is created.

4. No Extra Numbing or Uncomfortable Impressions are Required

A typical crown appointment can sometimes be uncomfortable because of numbing at multiple appointments or taking bulky impressions that trigger your gag reflex. With a same-day crown, your tooth is only numbed once, and there are no messy impressions. Instead, a virtual scan of your tooth is recorded with a small handheld wand. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, you’ll love having digital scans instead of a traditional impression.

5. You Don’t Run the Risk of a “Re-Do”

Sometimes lab-created crowns don’t fit right, and they have to be sent back to the lab. When that happens, the entire process starts over again, and you wait another two weeks for the crown to be made. The cost of same-day crowns saves you more than money; they save you time, too (and time is money!) Fifth Avenue Dental Arts can design your crown and make sure everything fits properly on the same day, so you won’t have to take extra time off from work, find a babysitter, or drive back and forth across town more than once.

Same Day Crowns in San Diego

Need same-day crowns near me? Fifth Avenue Dental Arts offers single-visit crowns for most patients. To learn more about same-day crowns vs. lab-created crowns and find out which one is right for you, contact our San Diego dentists for an appointment.

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