No Insurance? Save with Our Private Dental Membership Plan

no insurance save with our private dental membership plan

If you’re one of the thousands of San Diego patients without dental insurance, we’ve got great news. Fifth Avenue Dental Arts offers a private Smile Savings Membership plan for you and your family.

Smile Savings Plan Membership in Downtown San Diego 

Looking for private dental discount plans? With our in-house membership program, you get the perks of preventative dental care and discounted treatments without the hassle of dental insurance premiums, co-pays, and restrictions. Whether you’re looking for a family or child membership in downtown San Diego, you’ll find them all at Fifth Avenue Dental Arts.

Joining our membership plan is easy and you get access to the benefits immediately. So even if you have an appointment today, tomorrow, or next week, you can become a member. Just be sure to let us know you want to join when you call our office.

How Does a Dental Membership Plan Work?

Joining a dental membership program allows you to pay one low monthly subscription and get 100% coverage on two cleanings, exams, and necessary x-rays each year. Just like traditional dental insurance but without the premiums. Only in this case, you won’t have any deductibles to pay! If you or your child need treatment, we apply a flat discount of 20% off almost all dental procedures (some exclusions may apply in limited cases.) You won’t have to worry about claims being rejected, co-pays to meet, or your coverage running out. That means no surprise bills in the mail, either. You will know exactly what the fee is before you even book the appointment.

Better Than Dental Insurance

Did you know that the annual allowable amount that most dental insurance premiums cover hasn’t increased since the late 1970s and early 1980s? Even with the cost of living and increased coverage for medical insurance, dental insurance amounts have remained stagnant. That means even though major procedures might have been covered four decades ago, that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Confused, a lot of patients become frustrated with their dental providers because they don’t understand it’s actually their plan’s benefits failing to pick up with the pace.

The good news is that as dental membership plans gain popularity, patients can choose the private San Diego dentist of their choice. Quality, affordable dentistry is more accessible than ever. Especially at Fifth Avenue Dental Arts!

A Choice for Everyone

Not everyone has the same dental needs. Our San Diego dental plans are available for adult patients, pediatric patients, and individuals with a history of gum disease. That way you can plan checkups for the kids, a filling or two for yourself, or even plan a periodontal maintenance visit every 3-4 months if you need one. You won’t have to wait on pre-approvals, so you’ll always know what’s covered and by what amount.

If you’re planning a smile makeover in the near future, you can also apply your discount plan toward cosmetic treatment as long as your smile is healthy. Options like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are just a couple of ideas to get you started.

Plus, you never have to worry about your coverage running out. So, use as little—or as much—as you need. Our goal is to help you keep your family’s smiles healthy for life. With a focus on preventative care services, we can show you how to deter gum disease and reverse demineralization before it evolves into active decay.

Dental Discount Plans in San Diego

Are you due for a cleaning? Think you have gum disease? Is there a cavity or broken tooth that you’re struggling with? Our dentist in downtown San Diego can provide you with quality oral health care thanks to our affordable Smile Savings Membership program.

Apply online today and get same-day dental insurance benefits without the third-party middle man. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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