What is Gingival Depigmentation (Gum Bleaching)?

What is Gingival Depigmentation (Gum Bleaching)


Most people think of a beautiful smile as straight white teeth. However, the appearance of our smile is also affected by the shape and size of each tooth and the tissue that frames it. All of the soft gingival tissue (gums) surrounding our smile also has an impact on how we look, from the health of our mouths to the shape of the teeth they protect. But if you have significant discoloration or atypical pigment, a cosmetic gingival depigmentation process can help!

Causes of Dark Gums

In the majority of situations, healthy gum tissue is coral or pink in color, regardless of skin pigmentation. Other individuals may have dark gums across their entire smile or a combination of mixed pink and black pigment. Black gums may be common depending on the color of your skin. Even people with naturally darker skin pigment may not have brown or black gingiva. Our gum whitening treatment is available if you feel your dark gums are distracting from your smile or creating splotchy discoloration that isn’t attractive.

The good news is that the causes of dark gums are nothing to be alarmed about; they are strictly genetic. Unfortunately, uneven gum coloration can make some people feel self-conscious, even if their mouths are healthy. Particularly if they smile or laugh and a large area of gum tissue is visible.

Gingival Depigmentation San Diego

Laser gum depigmentation can safely remove the dark pigment from the delicate gum tissue and leave behind lighter skin. That way there is consistency in the color of your gums throughout your entire smile.

Using a soft tissue laser is one of the safest and most effective methods of bleaching gum tissues, as no irritating chemicals or medications are required. The results are immediate, providing you with a same-day cosmetic treatment that significantly changes the way your smile looks.

Gum Bleaching Aftercare

The typical laser treatment for dark gums will provide results for up to 2-3 years. You’ll notice that your natural pigmentation will return over time, as gum tissue naturally sheds cells. If desired, you can return to our office to have the area re-treated or touched-up.

Your gum bleaching aftercare is fairly simple. We advise avoiding spicy or hot foods for a day or two. Avoid alcohol-based mouthwash or aggressive brushing as your mouth might be sensitive for a couple of days. An over-the-counter pain reliever such as Motrin is typically more than adequate for managing any sensitivity.

Cosmetic Gum Pigmentation

Laser gum bleaching can be a smart investment if you are embarrassed by the color of your gums. You’ll feel more confident in your smile overall. And in turn, you’ll be more comfortable showing it off when you’re around other people.

Since only a few people need this cosmetic service, gum depigmentation has not as common as getting veneers or bleaching your teeth. That being said, it’s the perfect add-on to your smile makeover. Laser gum depigmentation is very effective and yields amazing results for our patients who have dark or discolored tissues. The laser lightens the color of the gingiva, lifting darker pigments and leaving lighter pink tissues behind. Laser technology is FDA-approved and can be used to perform a wide range of cosmetic and minimally invasive procedures. Not just treating dark gums, but also gum recontouring, gummy smile treatment, crown lengthening, tongue ties, lip ties, pocket reduction, and so much more.

Best of all, your results are immediate. You don’t have to wait or come back for additional appointments. Feel free to ask us about some of our before-and-after examples so that you can view cases similar to yours that we’ve completed in the past.

Laser Gum Bleaching San Diego

Do you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile because of dark or splotchy gum tissue? One call to our San Diego cosmetic dentists can provide a quick solution. Book a consultation at Fifth Avenue Dental Arts to learn how laser gum pigmentation can help you-and your smile-look your very best.

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