Why You Never Leave the Dentist Without Scheduling Your Next Appointment

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When most of us have plans — take a doctor’s appointment or dinner reservation for instance — we typically aren’t reserving them more than a few weeks ahead of time. So why is it that your dentist Downtown San Diego always seems to book your preventative care appointment six months in advance, at your currently scheduled dental checkup?

The Importance of Recare

Most dental health concerns are preventable. That’s why your dental appointment in Downtown San Diego is best scheduled every six months. Twice a year dental cleanings are preferable for people with healthy teeth and gums. At those visits, we can intercept minor issues while they’re still reversible and before they become problematic. And if you do need treatment, the recommendations will typically be more conservative than waiting until symptoms develop. Checkups are essentially meant to help you maintain your current oral health status and prevent other issues from popping up.

Time Gets Away From Us

Scheduling a dental cleaning appointment near you can be challenging if you’re trying to book one at the last minute. When you wait to reserve an appointment, time quickly slips away from you. Before you know it, those six months turn into 12. By the time you think about visiting the dentist or hygienist again for a checkup, you may be looking at well over a year between visits.

We highly recommend reserving your next appointment while you’re here for the current one. Scheduling your dental cleaning ahead of time means you never get behind on your checkups — and time doesn’t get away from you — so that you can continually ensure the best for your smile.

Being Proactive is Good for Your Oral Health

When we see you for your checkup, we’ll evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. Sometimes conditions like gum disease (periodontitis) can develop, which require more rigorous and frequent dental cleanings. Otherwise, waiting as long as six months between checkups could allow the infection opportunity to progress.

Routine Checkups Help Save You Money

Being proactive about your preventative dental care means you’re less at-risk for undiagnosed dental conditions. For instance, our dentist in Downtown San Diego can identify issues as soon as they’re starting to develop so that we can intercept them earlier. But if you’re behind on your checkups, one small cavity could gradually lead to a cracked, broken, or painful abscess.

As you might guess, the earlier dental issues are identified, the more conservative the treatment option will be. In turn, your cost of care will be much lower. Plus, less-invasive treatments also help to preserve as much healthy, intact tooth structure as possible.

Scheduling your six-month checkup ahead of time could mean the difference between needing a small filling or a root canal and crown. So be sure to go ahead and reserve a date and time that works for your schedule before you head home from your current visit!

You Have More Flexible Scheduling Options

The closer you get to your checkup due date, the more challenging it is to find a day or time that fits your individual preferences. Especially if it’s something like first thing in the morning, over your lunch break, or at the end of the workday. Since our Downtown San Diego dentist is open slightly later than normal, evening appointments tend to be some of the first ones that people like to reserve.

For individuals who have rigid schedules and difficulty getting off of work, scheduling an appointment close to your checkup due date can be quite a challenge. Why? Because most people have booked their visit ahead of time. If you need to see our dentist on a specific day of the week or time a day, the best way to make sure you get the time you want is to reserve the appointment six months in advance. The longer you wait, the more the schedule will fill up.

Are You Due for a Dental Checkup?

If you haven’t had a dental appointment in Downtown San Diego since before the pandemic, you’re long overdue! Contact us today for a dental cleaning appointment near you.

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